The Cost

Cost per patient

HAI (Healthcare Associated Infections) in hospitals have some startling associated costs.  Patients subject to HAI spend on average 11 extra days in hospital at an equivalent cost of £3,000 per case, a massive 2.5 times longer than patients free of HAI.

HAI effect on recovery

There is a further cost of £800 per HAI case as patients who have suffered from infection take an average of 6 extra days to return to work and on average a further 17 extra days to return to normal duties.

HAIs in acute hospitals

The length of stay averages at 70% longer for patients suffering HAIs. This ranges from 3.2 extra days in obstetric, to an extra 13.7 days in care of the elderly. In Scotland this is at a cost of £183 million per year.

The costs of HAIs have been underestimated

In a recent review MRSA alone has been shown to result in a annual cost to the UK economy of between £3-11 billion. The review concluded by stating the costs of HAIs in the UK have been underestimated.