The Effect of Good Hand Hygiene

The Effect of Good Hand Hygiene

A statement by The Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA): “Infectious complications are frequent among the critically ill…Hand hygiene is the leading measure to prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAI’s). …however poor compliance to hand hygiene protocol has been repeatedly documented.”

Research published in the Journal of Hospital Infection Vol 72, Num 3, 218-220, July 2009. When investigating levels of compliance with hand hygiene guidelines after a visit to the toilet. The results were:

  • Attendees at a microbiology conference 84% compliance
  • The general population 75% compliance
  • Hospital workers at work 46% compliance

To be clear: despite attempts to educate, persuade or impose Hand Hygiene Standards, many staff do not wash their hands when they should, which means infections are carried by hospital staff from patient to patient.

A major part of the solution to HAI’s is to ensure that all staff to wash their hands in compliance with the Hand Hygiene Rules.