The Solution

VeraMedico: ‘hygiene events’ compliance tracker

The flexible and intelligent VeraMedico hygiene events compliance tracker system is comprised of a set of small discrete wearable/installable electronic devices fitted to patients, staff and specific equipment.

This system places no extra administrative burden or extra workflows upon the staff and effortlessly allows:

  • Tracking of physical person to person contact;
  • Tracking of physical person to equipment/bed contact;
  • Alerts via staff badges or other agreed methods; and
  • Compliance checks against agreed protocols.

How the system works:

For staff and managers

Each health worker wears an intelligent device that receives, responds to, and transmits information about hygiene events such as patient contact, hand washes, bed/equipment contact, etc. The store of transmitted information is then used to calculate adherence to hygiene protocols. These flexible/programmable protocols can be bespoke for each hospital, ward or department.

The intelligent device also informs the wearer of their current hygiene status, and those around (if agreed), via a 'traffic light' badge. The intelligent device can also send details of compliance to the appropriate staff, or to the Infection Control team. This device is called the Hygiene Status Monitor (HSM).